Living With Type 1 Diabetes

Living with type 1 diabetes is tough but with proper care can be a footnote in a life's story. At its core, proper type 1 diabetes management is composed of a handful of elements: blood glucose control and insulin management, exercise, nutrition and support.

A diagnosis of type 1 diabetes means a pancreas is no longer capable of producing insulin. Through multiple daily injections with insulin pens or syringes or an insulin pump, it will be up to you to monitor blood glucose levels and appropriately administer an insulin. You will need to work closely with your doctor to determine which insulin or insulins are best for you and your body.

✅Nutrition is one of the most important pieces of the diabetes puzzle. Learning how different foods affect blood glucose and how manage that within a daily routine will be key. Talk to your doctor and you can have a lot of information online, for example here
✅Emotional support, while not often initially considered, plays a key role in diabetes care. Connecting with other people living with diabetes that understand the daily grind of counting carbohydrates, testing blood glucose multiple times each day and dealing with the various highs and lows (both physical and emotional) of life with diabetes can make all the difference.
✅You can also try alternative cure, such as №24 Mara Khee Nok or even add it to your medicine routine. Sometimes it even helps to stop taking insulin at all. The main ingredient is ☘️Momordica Charantia. Studies have also shown that bitter melon has anti-carcinogenic properties and can be used as a cytotoxic agent against many types of cancer. The extract of bitter melon modulates signal transduction pathways for inhibition of breast cancer cell growth and can be used as a dietary supplement for prevention of breast cancer.

?The plant possesses over 225 different medicinal constituents. These different compounds may act either separately or together to exert their medicinal effects. In relation to diabetes, only charantin, insulin-like peptide and alkaloid-like extracts possess hypoglycemic properties similar to the plant itself or its crude extracts. These different compounds seem to exert their beneficial effects via several mechanisms to control and treat diabetes mellitus.

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