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No.51 Natural Inhaler Ya Dom
No.40 Ginkgo biloba 250 mg 100 capsules
No.16 Thao En On (Joint Treatment)
No.21 Lingzhi Mushroom (Reishi)
No.35 Ya Ra Bai (Intestine Function Normalization)
No.75 Shatavari A natural tonic for the female body
N14 Far Talay Jone (Cold and flu treatment)



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After 20 years of continuous development, Erawadee has been awarded the following award: The National Award of the King of Amy IX AE AA


Erawadee fake and original? Why does the label vary from country to country?

Recently, we are often asked the question - why is the label different from the one indicated on the site


Covid-19 fear fuels rush for traditional herbal medication

Andrographis paniculata is a herb also used in Ayurvedic medicine and sometimes known as Indian echinacea.

Night Snail Cream with Pomegranate Extract
Black Hair Mask with Sesame & Spirulina
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 500ml
Herbal Toothpaste Whitening
Aloe Vera After Sun Gel
Crystal Deodorant Coconut
Herbal Toothpaste with Mangosteen
No.9 Ram Ma Nad Oral Cavity Cleaner
Massage Oil Pineapple
Massage Oil Pineapple $13.00  $11.05
Massage Oil Leelawadee
Massage Oil Jasmine
Massage Oil Jasmine $10.23  $8.70
Virgin Oil with Sesame
Virgin Oil with Sesame $12.09  $10.28
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