Aroma Oil Leelawadee

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The range of application of natural aroma oils in medicine and cosmetology is truly limitless. They fill the house with a unique atmosphere, create a magical mood, unobtrusively enveloping the space with the most delicate and delicate aroma. Moreover, their effect is not limited to the aromatization of premises, they can be used to treat diseases, correct psycho-emotional states, and prevent infections.

In aroma therapy:
It has a stimulating, anti-inflammatory effect, is a strong aphrodisiac. Application: add a little water and 3 drops of essential oil per 15 square meters to the aroma lamp. m of room, put a lighted candle under the bowl. Enjoy the scent.

In cosmetology:
For face. Suitable for all skin types, activates metabolic processes in cells, moisturizes and softens.

To use with a base oil: add 2 drops of lilavadi oil to 10 drops of a base oil (such as coconut or sesame). Apply to skin for 5 minutes. Rinse off with warm water, then apply face cream.

Application with Tanaka face mask: Dilute the mask to a thin slurry: for dry skin - with milk, for normal to oily skin - with water. A little honey can be added to enhance the cleansing effect. Add 2 drops of lilawadi oil. Apply to skin for 7 minutes. Rinse off with warm water, then apply face cream. For body. Moisturizes, promotes skin cell regeneration. Application: Add 2-3 drops of lilavadi oil to 15 drops of base (for example, coconut or sesame) oil. Massage onto body.

For Bath. Add 4-5 drops of butter to milk or honey, add the resulting mixture to water.
For hair. Suitable for weak and split ends, smoothes hair scales, makes hair silky and shiny. Application: add 3 drops of lilavadi oil to 15 ml of shampoo, balm, mask. Use as usual.

Contraindications: damaged skin (when applied to the skin).
Take a break after 2 weeks of use. Do not apply neat to the skin.

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Чипизубова Юлия Павловна KZ
Лилавади - один из лучших ароматов в эфирных маслах. Обожаю. Поднимает настроение, долго держится, на коже играет по разному, лучше в тёплое время года.
Александр Викторович Макаров
Приятный аромат. Использую в сауне. Рекомендую.
наталья данильченко RU
Пахнет приятно, я дававлчю везде. Для волос в шампунь, для лица в крем. Мне нравится эффект есть
Винтер Татьяна Викторовна RU
Спасибо,масло просто чудо .

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