No.51 Natural Inhaler Ya Dom Box 12 pieces

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700g. TH 100+

Universal treatment of headache, sickness, vertigo, seasickness, blocked nose, apathy, nervous system disorders. Contains more than 10 types of essential oils and ginseng. Besides that it serves as an excellent counter to unpleasant odors and relieves itch and swelling from insect bites. Ballpoint container is extremely convenient to use in everyday life.


8ml x 12 pieces


  • Headache: massage gently into head temple in circular motion
  • Blocked nose: apply under the nose
  • Sickness, vertigo, seasickness, fainting: massage into head temple and nose bridge
  • Hypertension: massage gently into the back of the head
  • Insect bites: apply at the affected area


Individual intolerance, damaged skin


After use don’t forget to close the cap – essential oils evaporate quickly.

Avoid contact with the eyes, nose or mouth - it can cause harmless but unpleasant burning sensation. To remove from skin, use vegetable oil or nourishing cream, from the eyes use clean vaseline.


Camphor, Eucaliptus, Clitriodora oil, Menthol, Myristica Franrans Fruit Extract, Panax Ginseng Root extract, Eugenia caryophullus bud oil, paraffinum liquidum, Piper Nigrum seed extract

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4.83/5 (6 reviews)

Jeremy Reus
Good but theres different bottle cap's color
Anna Siebert
Супер ингалятор, хорошо помогает при заложенности носа, кашле, головной боли.
Ярушина Наталья RU
Очень классный инголятор!!!Всем советую!!!
Тульчинская Татьяна Валентиновна
Мы перестали капать нос при насморках, головных болях, используем этот бальзам постоянно. Очень выручает летом при укусах. Рекомендую 1000%. Набором выгоднее получается.
шикарный набор
Tatyana P RU
Экономичнее, чем если брать по отдельности много ингаляторов.

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