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No.60 Herbal Oil with Lemongrass
No.60 Herbal Oil with Lemongrass
No.60 Herbal Oil with Lemongrass

No.60 Herbal Oil with Lemongrass


A unique healing spray, made according to ancient Thai recipes, consisting of many natural ingredients. The complex manufacturing procedure and the long process of fermentation of the components of this herbal spray for a long time did not allow the production of this remedy in large volumes, allowing it to be made available to the masses. It has the strongest analgesic effect, relieves pain in 10-15 minutes. The most effective remedy for the treatment of sciatica. It dilates blood vessels at the site of application, resulting in a feeling of pleasant warmth in the painful area, elimination of muscle spasm and increased metabolism. The active ingredients in the composition allow you to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, acting on the nerve endings, which leads to rapid pain relief.

Weight: 250g. Categories: Traditional Medicine Musculoskeletal system Thai Balms

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Lemongrass Oil



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