S37s Musculoskeletal System Treatment Fung Zhi Wan 120 pills

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Has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, eliminates joint and spinal pain, improves joint mobility and blood circulation. Strengthens bones, prevents age-related and post-traumatic calcium loss and restores its content in bones to normal. Relieves muscle spasms.


500mg, 120 capsules


- Back pain, numbness of limbs (osteochondrosis, sciatica)

- Pain, swelling and inflammation in the joints (arthrosis, polyarthritis, gout)

- Intervertebral hernia, protrusion of the intervertebral disc

- Reduction of bone density (chronic osteoporosis)

- Recovery after fractures, injuries, tearing of ligaments

- Plantar fasciitis (calcaneal spur)

- Pain in the rib area (intercostal neuralgia)

- High physical load on the musculoskeletal system

Directions for use

For adults - orally 2 capsules 3 times a day  before meals (wash down with water); during 20 days.


Pregnancy, lactation

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Anonymous RU
Дорогой препарат,но эффективный.
наталья данильченко RU
Беру 2 раз мне помог
Надежда Бузанова
Очень крутое лекарство, маме брали при пяточной шпоре встала на ноги на 3 день. Меня спасли при разрыве мениска. Все хорошо и операция не нужна. Ноги не болят бегаю
Эффективно но дорого.

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